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We build advanced autonomous trading systems that power liquidity and trading across the digital assets ecosystem.




We develop and integrate technology and knowledge through qualitative and quantitative research.

By processing large data sets and applying advanced math, we are building one of the most powerful trading infrastructures in the industry.

Technology & Research Driven

Our team works tirelessly to pioneer cutting edge trading technology in the cryptocurrency markets.

Technology and math are at the core of everything we build in the company.


We build autonomous  systems that trade 24/7/365 across numerous exchanges and products.

Our team also designs an industry-leading global low-latency network and high resolution event monitoring systems. 

Network & Reach

As our trading operation expands to more markets and products, we gain access to ever-growing sets of information. 

We use this proprietary data to improve our algorithms and generate new trading strategies. 

Deep Research

We process and analyze immense amounts of data from a large variety of sources.


We train and refine our algorithms to execute the optimal strategy for any market.

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